After official reports of such dilapidation the idea came to create this association.

Pamir’s Bridges


  • The rehabilitation of bridges in the mountains of Central Asia,
    particularly in Kyrgyzstan and in Tajikistan.
  • Stop the migratory flux of rural populations into the cities.
  • Create Cultural exchanges between the Pamir and the Alps.
  • Support to the development of Eco-Tourism.


The populations and regions concerned by this plan for the rehabilitation of bridges are in urgent need of outside help to survive and to stay in their original habitat; to avoid the country exodus towards cities. The people living in the mountain regions are so far from the economic/decision-making centres such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, that they feel forgotten by central power. Both countries resemble Switzerland in the fact that their mountains cover more than 90 % of their territory. For 70 years, these ancient republics lived under the Soviet regime and their transition into a free market is a difficult one.


Why bridges?
Because they are a vital and essential means of transportation, trade and communication between the mountain dwellers and other regions of the country. Bridges help the underprivileged and forgotten populations transit between valleys; the transhumance of their herds of sheep, horses, cows and yaks; the culture of summer mountain pastures; and the use the existent roads to go sell their produce on the local market.

For the rehabilitation of these bridges, preference is given to local materials, such as wood and stones. This project provides jobs to the local people who are almost exclusively occupied with raising animals or forestry jobs.

Bridges help the populations transit between valleys


Thanks to the efficient collaboration of CAMP (Exchange Asian Mountain Partnership) an ONG created by the Centre of Development and Environment of the Institute of Geography of the University of Bern, under the aegis of the direction swiss de développement et coopération a (DDC), we can guarantee the security and a complete efficiency in relation to the projects and their plans as well as to the jobs created and their supervision during construction.
Two studies carried out by CAMP in 2001 and 2004 in Kyrgyzstan and in Tajikistan identified more than 80 bridges in need an urgent repair. CAMP in Bishkek is our direct representative on the field.

  • Since 2001, 98 bridges have been rebuilt.
  • Over 70 cultural events took place in Switzerland, France, Italy, Monaco, Germany and in the USA.
  • Ella Maillart’s book „Turkestan Solo“ was translated into Kyrgyz and distributed for free to public libraries, schools and universities all over Kyrgyzstan.
  • The photo exhibition „Unique Journey“ which was mainly dedicated to Ella Maillart, attracted more than 6000 visitors at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bishkek.
  • The Ella Maillart showroom at the museum of Karakol got inaugurated on 10 September 2016. This permanant exposition contains 113 photos taken by Ella Maillart in 1932.
Member of Fribourg-Solidaire

We count on your support and we are sure that the populations who benefit from this aid appreciate it greatly. We thank you for your generosity.

The restoration of the Pamir bridges was undertaken as of 2001 in the mountain range of Tien Shan, in Kyrgyzstan. This region is located to the east of the country, next to China. This region is also so dear to our big Swiss Adventurer, Ella Maillart, who first went through these mountains and high plateau in 1932. (Ella Maillard, Montagnes célestes aux Sables rouges, Grasset, Paris 1943). Her book has been translated into Kyrgyz language. It will be distributed free to universities, colleges, schools and municipal libraries.

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