Reconstruction / new construction of bridges on the roads to high mountain pastures


Bridge location:

The bridge is located in in the south of Zhetyoguz village in the Telti canyon.

Corresponding number on the general plan: № 66.

Administrative area: Zhetyoguz district of Issyk-Kul region.

River name: Zhetyoguz.

Actual condition of the bridge/road

A new wood bridge with the length 8 m, the width 5 m and the height 2 m across the Zhetyoguz river was constructed.

Coverage of high mountain pastures

The bridge cover about 1 000 ha of woodlands and high mountain pastures. The location is used for grazing, haying and forest tree nursery. The entire location is at 2 300 m above sea level.

Actual users on the location

The main users of the bridge are: population of Zhetyoguz, Zheledube and Taldybulak villages and tourists.

Other potentialities for the use of the location

With a new bridge there are potentialities for different income generating activities as beekeeping, harvesting of medicinal herbs and the development of the forest tree nursery.

Bridge operation

The daily carrying capacity of the bridge is about 15 cars (Ural, GAZ-53, KAMAZ, UAZ-452, UAZ-469, tractor), trucks of 15 tons; it is also used for passers-by and horse riders.


Budget review

Budget item

Costs in US$



Wood (was supplied by local forestry)






Development and survey works:




Exchange rate of Som/US$: 42,6/1

Costs were covered by users themselves account for US1014,00$

Project evaluation by the CAMP
  1. Location plan (outline)
  2. Detailed budget in Soms
  3. Additional photographs
  4. Agreement regarding the activities to be implemented by users themselves